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Architectural Consultancy Division

National Co-operative council of Sri Lanka has been formed under the Co-operative Societies Act no. 5th of 1972. In keeping with the objectives of National Co-op Council of Sri Lanka Architectural Consultancy Division has been established in 1976 with the aim of providing architectural and infrastructure development consultancy services to the corporative sector. Along with the expansion of its activities it has offered consultancy services to other state sector organizations such as people’s bank, Survey Department, Ruhuna Development Bank, Sri Lanka Tea Board and Rubber Research Institute etc. The in- house staff contain of Chartered Architects, Chartered Quantity Surveyors and an experienced supporting staff. There is a panel of Chartered Engineers in the fields of structural, electrical, air-conditioning, water supply & drainage and fire associated with the unit. This consultancy division has so far undertaken building projects of various types including office buildings, Commercial buildings, Shopping complexes etc.

Architectural Consultancy Division

Design Phase

  • Preparation of Council approval drawings, preparation of detailed drawings including Architectural Structures, Electrical and Plumbing.
  • Prepare technical specifications of materials/workmanship and Engineer’s estimates.
  • Prepare draft Bid Documents and required drawings, as per ICTAD conditions.
  • Assist the TEC and Procurement Committee to select a suitable contractor.
  • Prepare Contract Documents for signing of the Agreements between the Client and the successful Bidders.

Construction Phase

  • Carry out inspection of work to monitor quality and progress of work.
  • Conduct progress Review meetings at site and submit reports.
  • Approve all materials used in the work.
  • Measure work and certify interim claims of the Contractor.
  • Value extra work, variations and obtain prior approval from the Client.
  • Monitor cost on work as scheduled and advise the Client.
  • Carry out defect survey upon practical completion and notify the Contractor for rectification.
  • Carry out final inspection after rectifying the detects and issue Completion Certificate.
  • Assist the Client to take over the air conditioning system in working order.
  • Measure completed works and issue certificate of payment on practical completion.
  • Charted Structural/Civil Engineer Checked all concrete work, reinforcement, resting report to clients.
  • All detail drawing checked by charted Architect/Charted Quantity Servitor member of Phd’.

Maintenance phase

  • Inspect thework during maintenance period on Client’s request and notify the Contractor to rectify any defect observed.
  • Issue maintenance Certificate.
  • Issue final certificate for releasing the retention money.

Organization Profile and Legal Status

National co-operative Council of Sri Lanka has been established by the commissioner of co-operative Development under the registration of co-operative development act no.05 of 1972. Activities of this organisation are supervised and audited by the Ministry of Co-operative Development.

Business Address : Architectural Consultancy Division.
National Co-operative Council of Sri Lanka
455, Galle Road, Colombo 03.
Telephone : 011-2589307, 011 – 2587062, 011-2585496
Fax : 011-2589307, 011 – 2587062
E-Mail address : info@slncc.lk