About Us

An Overview of Co-operatives...

This re-vitalization of the Movement brought about a re-organization of the federation and consequently on 26 July 1972 the Cooperative Federation of Ceylon was re-established and registered as the National Cooperative Council of Sri Lanka. This new institution was recognized as the National Apex Organization of the Cooperative Movement of Sri Lanka and the authoritative spokesman for the movement nationally and internationally The present practicing legal enactment is the Cooperative Act No.5 of 1972. With the 13th amendment to the Constitution of our country the activities of the Cooperative Movement were decentralized and the Provincial councils act No.42 of 1987 resulted in a devolution of power to Provincial Council. Consequently the NCC was also decentralized.

Our Vision

Cooperative Self-sustainability

Our Mission

Promoting cooperative thinking and best practices through member ownership

Our Objectives

  • Training & Education
  • Lobbing & Policy Advocacy
  • Improve Best Practices
  • Improve sense ownership
  • Cooperative Institutionalization
  • National & International Affairs